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Choose Your Own Path

Design your own path to degree completion with an Individualized Bachelor of Arts Degree. Metropolitan State University’s First College helps you design a degree plan that uses your life experience and meets your career, personal, and educational goals.

If you...
  • have found traditional college majors uninteresting,
  • have been in and out of college but still don't have a degree,
  • would like to design your own path to complete a degree,
  • have been thinking about coming back to college but are afraid to take the first step,
  • are ready to finish what you started long ago,

...then the Individualized Bachelor of Arts degree will help you reach your degree completion goals.

Discover how Ochen, Pat, and Richard have used life experience and creative learning strategies to earn their Individualized Bachelor of Arts degrees. Explore the site to learn more about Advising, College Credit for Life Experience, Degree Benefits, First College, and Contact Information.

See how it can work


Your Individualized Bachelor of Arts degree advisor is your partner in reaching your educational goals. Your advisor will work closely with you throughout your academic career, using the following milestones to ensure you quickly complete your degree:

  1. Orientation: You gain information about academic requirements and resources to support your academic experience.
  2. Educational Philosophy and Planning Course: You define your education in the context of your life and complete your degree plan.
  3. Degree Seeking and Problem Solving: You work with your advisor to complete your degree using your life experience.
  4. First College Capstone: You design and complete a project that reflects what you have learned.
  5. Graduation: You work with your advisor to plan for graduation.

Meet and Advisor

You and your goals are central in the advising process. An advisor can become a mentor to you, encouraging you to persevere and to succeed in accomplishing your educational, personal, and career goals.

After you design your degree, you will work with your advisor to:

  • Change degree plans
  • Select courses
  • Connect with evaluators for prior learning assessments
  • Identify faculty mentors for independent studies
  • Get general advising on available resources including career counseling, graduate schools, on campus employment, and more


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